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Sponsor a Day With a Memorial Gift

Years ago, after Amanda had went to be with the Lord, someone paid to send our family away to reconnect after the loss of our child. 

I will forever be grateful to that person because in a dark period of our lives, we were able to get away, be together as a family, and begin the healing process.

You Can Help Send Someone To The Ranch Helping Them Move Forward

By becoming a Day Sponsor, your generous gift goes towards covering the expenses for one day. This allows us to host individuals and families going through a trial at no charge to them. They can take time away from “life” as they start the grieving process.

Sponsor a day for $200 In Memory or Honor of a Loved One

Whether you wish to celebrate the birthday of a loved one, or commemorate the day you lost a loved one, the Day Sponsors of the Amanda Ranch choose a specific date that they wish to sponsor the ministry. The website will feature a calendar highlighting that “This day at the Amanda Rach is being sponsored in memory of ” letting each person at the ranch see who made their trip possible.

The Day Sponsors can renew their selected date annually or simply make this one-time donation for one day of that year. 

As an acknowledgement for your gracious investment in the Amanda Ranch, Day Sponsors will receive the following:

Our Mission

For many people struggling through grief, the ability to get away even for a moment seems impossible. Life may continue on all around them; but for the grieving, life may feel like it is moving in slow motion. Donating to The Amanda Ranch gives the heartbroken the first step to Biblically rebuilding his heart after it has been broken gives a hurting soul a chance to fill that hole in their life with the peace that only the Word of God can provide.

Heartbreak comes in many forms whether it be a loss of a loved one, loss of a job, a personal attack, or something that causes you a great deal of grief. Sometimes it can be hard to move forward in life after a loss. Our goal is to give you a space and the resources you need to begin the healing process.

Greg Neal – Founder of The Amanda Ranch

There are many ways to support those in need by being a Trailblazer, a Day Sponsor, or a Difference Maker.
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